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    compliance exception ignore path failing?

      I have an AIX server which runs a compliance job rule with wildcard. I have added a compliance exception for certain users but they continue to fail. Am I adding the exceptions incorrectly?


      Compliance Rule

      (  "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user//default/pwdwarntime"."Value1 as Integer (All OS)" <= 15  AND

         foreach "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user/*//pwdwarntime"

            "Value1 as Integer (All OS)" = 0


      )  AND

      (  "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user//default/maxage"."Value1 as Integer (All OS)" <= 13  AND

         foreach "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user//*/maxage"

            "Value1 as Integer (All OS)" <= 7


      )  AND

      (  "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user//default/minage"."Value1 as Integer (All OS)" >= 1  AND

         foreach "Configuration File Entry:/etc/security/user//*/minage"

            "Value1 as Integer (All OS)" >= 1




      Exception path example

      Type: Configuration File Entry

      Exclude Path: /etc/security/user//daemon/maxage