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    Patching Bladelogic application servers running on win OS using BL


      How to patch the Bladelogic application infrastructure servers using Bladelogic, efficiently?

      All the BL infra servers are installed on Win OS.

      2 application servers behind a load balancer

      DB - MS SQL 2008 R2 - clustered- on Win 2008 R2

      file server - clustered- on Win 2008 R2

      These infra servers (BL APP+DB+FS) are to be patched once in a month - based on selected list of patches 

      Condition here is downtime should be as minimal as possible.

      What is the best practise to apply the OS patches for the above setup, using BL ?

      Will applying patches via BL itself, cause any OS instability on the Application infra servers, while the BL is still running? (no reboot option selected)


      Thanks ,