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    Windows Agent Installer Job

    richard mcleod

      So in 8.3.3 I just created an agent bundle with default settings, when I execute the job against a host running 8.2.1 I am receiving some cryptic errors in the job log shown here:


      ErrorJul 11, 2014 4:06:57 PMThe system cannot find the file specified.
      ErrorJul 11, 2014 4:06:58 PMFailed to launch script for upgrading an agent.


      Further digging shows this in the rscd.log of the target host


      bc25a652232721fad5f0 0000007380 07/11/14 16:06:57.029 WARN     rscd - 5608 BladeLogicRSCD@targethost->d

      o@targethost:PrivilegeMapped (role:me@Adomain.com): nexec: Windows nexec: CreateProcessAsUserW() failed: error_code=0x000002 error_string=The system cannot find the file specified.   wcmd="c:/sh /temp/stage/5850_977e1e62-7

      850-49d6-8497-357490fbcf85/upgrade_agent.sh &"


      Assuming the Windows host is choking on the c:/sh piece of the wcmd variable... does this require a hotfix?