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    Parsing comma and pipe separated string

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      We have to implement below functionality. Please suggest how we can implement it in better way.


      AO will insert asset list separated by comma and pipe into form1.

      Example asset list looks like x1,y1,z1|a1,b1,c1|p1,q1,r1


      where x1,y1,z1 and a1,b1,c1 are asset details. Each asset details will be differentiated by "|". We have to read each asset value and push to some other form form2.i.e, after reading asset details x1,y1 and z1 and inserting it into form2 again we need to parse 2nd asset a1,b1,c1  and push to form2 as new entry. This has to be done recursively for n assets.

      Comma separated values are asset details. "|" is used to identify different asset.