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    Integration engine not starting

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      We're trying to build out an integration engine package in our test environment, but every time we try to start the integration engine service, we're greeted with a message about it finding another instance and this instance won't do anything. We've seen this before, and we thought it was to do with a setting in the dbo.INTEGRATION_ENGINES table, but that's been updated to point to our test environment. Is there a setting somewhere that we're missing? I've looked through every part of the database that seems applicable and can't find anything.


      The exact error (every 5 seconds) is:

      2014-06-19 11:43:12.8599 FATAL [engine] The Integration Engine Service has detected another instance of the Integration Engine Service running. This instance of the Integration Engine Service will not be functional.

      2014-06-19 11:43:12.8599 ERROR [engine] Engine.TaskThread():Cannot register this Engine, trying again