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    Patch RHEL from local repo



      We've air-gapped env and local offline repo for yum. baseurl direct to local network and it's manage by separate unit.

      I want to use this repo for BL patching purpose.
      But I don't know how to download patches to the offline patch repository.


      There are as I realised two posibilities:

      • download from RHN

      sh redhat_downloader.sh -configFile "<downloaderConfigurationFilePath>" -rhnUser "<rhnUserName>" -rhnPass "<rhnPassword>"

      •    download from ISO

      sh redhat_downloader.sh -extractPackagesFromISO -repoLocation "<patchRepositoryFilePath>" -isoLocation "<isoFilePath>" -osArch <operatingSystemArchitecture>"


      But my case is diffrent :/

      Does anybody know, how to manage with this?