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    validation on server import process

    Raja Mohan

      I have a need to keep servers in two BSA infrastructure for a brief period of time. My thoughts were to

      For assumptions lets call BSA1 (existing) BSA2 (New), the users/roles are not same, there are no ACL push jobs from BSA2.


      • Import servers with not selecting to "Update Intrinsic Properties"
      • Update existing servers users.local with roles in BSA2 from BSA1 using a script
      • "Update Intrinsic properties" from BSA2 using "server properties job"
      • In a future date, stop pushing ACL from BSA1
      • Push ACL from BSA2
      • Restrict users.local to minimal


      I cant see why this will not work. I don't plan to update any properties from BSA2 at this time. But my question is do i include by selecting "Update Configuration Objects Registration"? any caveats?