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    How to get CONFIG server Profile details

      Hello All,


      In our environment we have configured CONFIG and JOB Servers on two different machines.


      I would like to collect the information of CONFIG server on a regular basis:


      AppServerProfiler getAppServerDetails


      However when I execute the NSH Script Job to grab the details of CONFIG server it dosent:

      The reason is "The job get executed on the Job Server so the command returns result of  the JOB Server profile.


      I tried with below type of script:

      1) NSH Type 1

      2) NSH Tyoe 2 [Passing parameter as CONFIG Server]



      blcli -v "Domain Authentication" -r BLAdmins AppServerProfiler getAppServerDetails


      Even I tried blcli -m server option to open a subshell which may return the CONFIG server details however no luck.


      1) Even configuring the JOB to execute the script locally on the CONFIG server is no helping out.

      nexec -e -n //CONFIG Server/c/tmp/BSA_Console_Monitoring.nsh


      Kindly help how to proceed further: