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    BSA Desktop Console freezes when clicking certain items in Browse

    James Donohue

      Windows Client

      BSA 8.3

      DB: Oracle


      Every time I Live Browse my Windows Servers and click on “Configuration”, the Console hangs and I have to forcibly shut it down and then restart. I’ve tried this many times and could repeat this issue every time. Up until last week was able to click and view the Configuration items on my Servers.  Now it’s also happening every time Click on the ‘Extended’Properties


      Usually the first time I run into this issue, I can restore the program but any time thereafter I must close the Console
      forcibly. I’ve let this wait for up to 45 minutes and it never comes back.


      Not sure if this has anything to do with it but, I did notice that an updated Java version was installed two weeks ago:

      Java 7 Update 55 (v7.0.550)


      Not sure how to proceed. . . .