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    quirck on upgrading agent to 8.3

    Raja Mohan

      I have a bunch of servers (linux, windows, solaris, aix) all with older rscd 8.0 agent installed on them. These servers were controlled by different organization which i am now inherited and importing to 8.3.2 infrastructure. When imported these servers show up under not licensed and prohibits me from managing or updating the agent. what is the best approach to upgrade the agent to a supported level so i can manage the lifecycle of these servers? I am looking for an approach that doesnt require me to manually go and install new agent on all these servers. I have tried the following and all resulted in failures

      - File based deploy and agent install

      - Software package deploy and agent install

      - i cannot browse the server using cd //server-xxxx


      any thoughts appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          I would first try and license them.


          Do you still have the 8.0 env around ?  if not you can either install the 8.0 nsh somewhere so you can use autolic/getlic/putlic, or install the 8.1 version on a box, pull out the autolic, autolic.conf, getlic, putlic and copy them over to the 8.3 env.

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            Raja Mohan

            I dont have an 8.0 env around, I am starting at 8.3.2 (first issue). I did install 8.1 on a windows server (my current app server is on linux) found the 3 commands, copied them to the console server (which is windows) "E:\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin". I can invoke the commands, but not sure what i do with it


            • Invoked NSH on the console server
            • acquired credential to the dev environment where the server is imported via add server
            • Issued the following commands (server is still showing under not licensed)

            xxx% getlic -v -u rcovlnx0140

            Host rcovlnx0140 is not licensed

            xxx% getlic -v -l rcovlnx0140 (no output on this command)


            xxx% autolic rcovlnx0140
            Usage: E:\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin\autolic.exe [-luexv] [-f file] [-c count] user pwd host1 [host2 ... hostn]
                   E:\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin\autolic.exe [-proxyHost <host>] [-proxyPort <port>] [-proxyUser <user>] [-proxyPass <pass>

              -c count            Number of CPU's to override each host request with. Must be greater then 0
              -e                  Deal with hosts with eval license
              -l                  Deal with licensed hosts
              -u                  Deal with un-licensed hosts
              -v                  Extra output
              -x                  Deal with hosts with expired eval license
              -proxyHost  host    Hostname of the proxy server
              -proxyPort  port    Port to connect to on the proxy server
              -proxyUser  user    User to connect to the proxy server as
              -proxyPass  pass    Password to use to connect to the proxy server
              user                Registered Bladelogic user (register at www.bladelogic.com/support)
              pwd                 password to registered user
              hostn               Hosts to license

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              Raja Mohan

              ok, I copied the file autolic.conf to NSH\Share folder and was able to register successfully. I also had to get an user id to registration site