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    RSCD Agent (8.5) upgrade via Compliance

    Johannes Richter

      Hi Community,


      We have a compliance job running, which checks if the agent on the servers has the most current version. If not, they are upgraded automatically via auto remediation. Therefore we are using a BLPackage with the installer MSI added as MSI-Software object.


      The install command is the default one: msiexec /I ??SOURCE?? /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress.


      That mechanism worked really good for 8.2.04. But until we try to deploy the new 8.5 agents via this mechanism they will complete after more than half hour.


      In the event log on the target machine I can see that the installation has started, after 1min 30sec it stops the RSCD service and after 2 more minutes I can see several events saying that some dll files and bldeploy.exe are still in use by bldeploy.exe.

      15 minutes after start of the installation the RSCD agent is started again. After 33 minutes after start the msiexec finishes successfully. 2 more minutes later the deploy jobs finished in BSA.


      As I said this process was working very well with 8.2.04 agents. It took less than 10 minutes.


      I also played around with the reboot settings in the BLPackage (out-of-band & after job deployment), which didn't help.


      I know the recommended way upgrading the agents is a file deploy job with a post-command, but unfortunately I can not run file deploys or BLPackages with Post-Commands from a compliance.


      I hope somebody has some ideas how we could solve this issue.




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