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    Tyring to setup New Communication received flag on incident and tasks objects

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      I've setup a check box field on the incident and tasks objects so that users working the queues from the console will have a visual indicator to alert them of new communication received (email received or client note) for existing incidents/tasks so they don't have to work from email alerts. After they've viewed the incident/task with the new communication, they can remove the flag so it can then again be set by the workflow if new communication is received again in the future. The issue I'm having with the formula is I don't want to set the set the flag when an email is received that creates the initial new incident. A majority of the incidents will be service requests created via the portal.


      Here's the formula I'm using now. It works great expect it still sets the flag if an email causes the creation of a new incident.


      BMCServiceDesk__actionId__c = 'Email Received' ||  BMCServiceDesk__actionId__c = 'Client Note' && ((ISPICKVAL(BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__r.BMCServiceDesk__contactType__c,'Mail Listen')) && NOT(ISNEW()))