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    Autologout for non-concurrent licensed techs?

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      I have a technician who works different hours than the rest of us (e.g. goes home much earlier in the day) and he leaves his Track-It client open and sometimes work orders. Then I have techs later in the day who can't work on those work orders because they're locked, so I have to go into his computer via PSExec and kill the tech client process, wait about 30 seconds, and check to see if the lock has been released on the work orders. We were sold named licenses (honestly didn't know BMC sold concurrent licenses until this feature was implemented). Is there a way I can auto-logout my named techs or do I have to come up with some sort of script that runs on the server?

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          The Auto-Logout feature in 11.3 is only designed to release the sessions of concurrently licensed technicians because those licenses are shared among several technicians. A named license guarantees that a technician will always be able to access the app so that wasn't part of the design.


          To remove the login session of a technician, you'd have to delete an entry corresponding to their STAFID in the CM_SESSION table. In addition to that however, if you are needing to end their session because they have a work order opened that nobody else can access, you'd also have to run a statement to clear the session from the affected work order record (where xxxx is the work order number):


          UPDATE Tasks SET CompFlag=NULL, SessionID=NULL WHERE WOID=xxxx

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            Thanks, Chris. I'm guessing I should contact sales to see about switching some named licenses over to concurrent?

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              Perhaps. It all depends on your needs I suppose. If you have many technicians and there is little chance that they would all need to be using a license at the same time, you may benefit from having a smaller number of concurrent licenses instead of having named licenses for each of your technicians. If, on the other hand, your technicians are typically all logged in during the day at the same time, you'd probably want to keep named licenses for each one so they never have to fight for the use of the limited number of concurrent licenses.

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                Personally I would call this a limitation of the product, ripe for an "Idea."  I have technicians that do this to each other all the time. 


                You can resort to the admin console and unlock them, which causes whatever unsaved changes they were in the middle of to be lost, but does allow you to continue working on those tickets...


                I think this was one of the discussions we had prior to the inclusion of this feature and at some point the scope of this feature was cut down to concurrent technicians only.