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    Error in reconciliation job

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      We are seeing below errors in reconciliation debug logs,


      Found multiple matches (instances) for class <BMC.CORE:BMC_Product> in look-up dataset <BMC Asset>

      [2014/06/19 01:44:17.3920] [ ERROR ] [TID: 0000005020]  : for qualification <'Name' != $\NULL$ AND 'Name' = $Name$ AND 'VersionNumber' != $\NULL$ AND 'VersionNumber' = $VersionNumber$ > of group <AD_Identify ADDM Data - Identification Group - BMC.ADDM1 - BMC_Product> with values


      We are using default rule for product reconciliation, do we need to change the rule ?


      If we think logically, we will always have multiple matches for a particular productname and version but attached to different servers.