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    How to push a custom qualification to multiple Flashboard variables by appending the new qualification statement?

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      I look for a method/syntax/approach to push a custom qualification to a set of Flashboard variables inside a Flashboard (this is v7.6.04).

      Here is an example setup:

      • Flashboard with a PIEchart contains 3 variables showing Incidents in Status "Assigned", "In Progress" and "Pending". So the variable qualification is something like 'Status = Assigned' in FBvar1, 'Status = In Progress' in FBvar1, 'Status = Pending' in FBvar3

      • Each variable works fine as soon as the FB starts up in the frame, the PIEchart works as expected.

      • The Flashboard FRAME contains a dropdown for a selection for, e.g.the company name. The idea is: if the dropdown is changed, the FB PIEchart will only show that companies incidents in any of the three states (if these incidents exist for that company of course). To achieve this, a custom qualification is pushed to the Flashboard (CURRENT SCREEN) and ultimately to all of the FBvars.

      The issue is that all FBvar´s get the same custom qualification pushed down, therefore overriding the orginal qualification. Enhancing the customqual by adding the status does also not work, since all three FB variables are updated the same way. So Catch-22?


      A solution I envision is to somehow "APPEND" the selected company qualification to each FBvar, but I do not see how this can be accomplished. I am also open for alternatives, as long as I can have multiple FBvars in one Flashboard component.


      PS: Why three FBvars and not one with the qualification 'Status IN "Assigned, Pending, In Progess"'? The reason is that I like to use defined colors for each PIEchart segment, and if one status is missing, the color sequence gets messed up (Bug?)... so by defining for each status a unique FBvar I can assign unique colors for each content.