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    How can I add '<' and '>' characters into Property Dictionary Value without them being converted into Entity Names?

      Hi all


      I need to replace a section of my config file on the target server using the Property Dictionary (PD). As it's one element with 10 child elements, I would rather have one PD value containing all the elements instead of 10 separate BadeLogic parameters.


      However when I do this, every opening and closing tag ('<' and '>' brackets) are replaced with the equivalent Entity name which won't run as a valid config entry.




      Property Dictionary Value: < My Config Element />

      Deployed Value: &lt; My Config Element /&gt;


      How can I get Blade Logic to maintain these brackets and not replace them with the Entity Names???


      Much thanks in advance, but a real problem with our company.


      (I'm using BMC Server Automation Console V8.3.03.82.)