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DCM monitoring for UNIX processes


Hello there,

I have Patrol configured to monitor some unix processes using standard PROCESS km. Initially all seems to work fine. I was able to see the status change when the task was stopped. A few days ago I noticed that although the DCM collector is running, the task status is not changing regardless of the situtation if process is active or not.

Is there any way to refresh the collector? Do I need to restart Agent and DCM process at the same time?


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    dcm must be running in order for process monitoring to work

    agent must be reinitialized with the following config (this can also be accomplished through the console gui)
    "/RunDCM" = { REPLACE = "1" }

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    The strange thing is that I always had RunDCM set to "1". It worked fine for awhile. I have just looked at the history of one of the process' status parameter and I see that it was not udpated for last few weeks.

    Important DCM task is running and Patrol agent was not stopped for 2 months.


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    Raul Rodriguez


    Have you check on the SOW that DCM is still alive?, there are several conditions under DCM would die.

    If DCM dies many features died with it and you won't be adviced about this.

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    Susan Miller

    Please check the rights, for DCM there is a script that can be run from the command line as root. Sometimes if all the rights are not set everything does not run as expected.

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    Raul Rodriguez


    The script name that you are refering to is:

    b1config.sh ?

    If it's not please let me know what is the name's script.

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    Susan Miller

    That would be it.

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    Stuart Chandler

    It could be


    , dependant on version

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    Dear all,

    Thanks a lot for your posts.

    My biggest concern is why after I installed agent on that machine all worked fine for a month and then sudenly DCM stopped collecting data for processes.

    The other think I do not understand how is it possible that for 4 weeks Patrol shows the value for process presence, which is not updated. When I look at the history of the parameter there is sinply nothing for last weeks.

    I will try to restart all Patrol component on this machine and I will see what will happen.


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    Susan Miller

    It is hard to say, what happend. This stuff is tied into the rights of the agent, it could be that the rights were not completly set so it was kinda of working. Without someone doing a full evalulation looking at log files, and so forth diagnosing the exact cause could be rather difficult. I can tell you that PATROL will seem to install and run but for some reason fail at trying to execute the configuration scripts which are done as root and not tell you it failed. Or someone could have changed something that needed a certain bit set.

    Anything is possible.

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    I will do some homework trying to check the current configuration.

    Thanks a lot,

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    if the server is highly utilized for several hours (100% cpu) it is more than likely that dcm will fail, and the only way to reset it is to set the dcm config again and restart the agent (unless bmc has some way of automatically switching back to dcm from psl without restarting the agent)

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    Susan Miller

    I do not believe there is a way to do this. I think the agent has to be restarted.

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    Hi Artur,

    I don't have a patrol console available but if I remember correctly the recent versions of the Unix KM have a parameter that check if the DCM collector is working for the PROCESS KM. If no data is received from the DCM Collector the PROCESS KM switches back to psl data collection (which does not have all the functionality of the DCM collector so some parameter values will not be updated anymore).

    You can set a treshold on the parameter that checks if the DCM process collector is working.



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    Hi all,

    I've been unable to run DCM on one system, the output that I get is this :

    <br /><br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58;<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Switching to PSL data collection...<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Reason for switch to PSL&#58; $BEST1_HOME cannot be determined.<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; <br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; DcmCol.psl&#58; To revert back to dcm from PSL, set /RunDCM to TRUE in the pconfig database<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Saving contents of text parameter /DCM/DCM/DCMStatus in global variable, /DCMStatusText.<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Writing contents of text parameter /DCM/DCM/DCMStatus to /tmp/DCM_debug_DCMStatus.<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Activating COLLECTORS application class...<br />22-03-2005 16&#58;56&#58;59&gt; DcmCol.psl&#58; Deactivating DCM application class...<br />

    I have another system with the exact same configuration set up and it works fine. If I set "/RunDCM" to 1 whenever the agent restarts it goes back to off ( 0 ).


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