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    Bladelogic: Formatting removed when Modifying a 'Configuration File' using grammar files/BLPackage


      I am modifying a LINE of a 'configuration file' in Windows environment using Bladelogic BLPACKAGE/Configuration file object.

      The entry gets modified as expected however with the following side effects.


      Removes blank spaces at the end of lines -> Trivial but unexpected

      Removes Blank lines -> Affects formatting


      These affects the formatting and readability of files and was unexpected.


      I have tried using the Default Encoding, UTF-8, US-ASCII etc. with windows INI/ whole line grammar files with the same results.


      Why is editing one line affecting formatiing of the rest of the file?

      Expected behavior: Only the line being edited should be modified, even if formatting changes slightly it should affect only the lines being edited.


      I am attaching the sample file in case someone wants to review it.