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    Calling BLCLI commands from VC# program [Best practice]

      I am planning to create a tool that have to call blcli commands from a VC# program, while researching i found that many blcli commands have a -api or _api or _api-api formats as example below.


      Job, addTargetServersByName

      Job, addTargetServersByName-api

      Job, addTargetServersByName_api

      Job, addTargetServersByName_api-api


      In my case, i have to call multiple commands to finish a given task e.g.

      JOB_KEY=`blcli_execute FileDeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName /_File_Deploy_Batch`

      JOB_KEY=`blcli_execute Job addTargetServers $JOB_KEY h35,hc33`


      In this scenario:

      1. Does calling blcli_execute still give me the performance advantage over blcli.exe

      2. What is the difference between addTargetServersByName and addTargetServersByName-api /_api commands?

      3. Are there any best practices to follow when calling blcli commands from VC# (or references)?