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    BSA Web console

      HI All


      I heard Web console will not work with out the separate DB.

      If that was the case then the project cost will be high.


      My clarification is ,


      What are the uses of BSA Webconsole ?

      How it will helpfull for the end user or Client ?

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          Bill Robinson

          please clarify what you mean by 'separate db'.  it's a separate schema and instance.  you may want to have a physically separate database system from the bsa and bdssa databases for performance reasons.


          have you reviewed the portal documentation that Jim Wilson linked to in your other post ?

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            Thanks bill so It must and should requires the separate DB (Instance) to perform the Web Console related operation in the BSA.

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              Anthony Bryce

              BladeLogic Portal is a new web based user interface for BSA targeted at end users of the solution, folks that have to patch servers, deploy software or understand the compliance of the infrastructure.


              It is designed to greatly simplify the end user experience enabling operators to quickly locate existing content or jobs, schedule or execute those jobs and then see results and take any remedial action required (e.g. remediate non compliant servers).


              BladeLogic Portal is not a straight replacement for the existing RCP thick client. The administrators and power users will still use that client to administer the product and create content (e.g. create a patch catalog), but once that content is created it can be exposed for execution in the BladeLogic Portal by less skilled users who have no need or desire to understand the full sophistication of the existing client.


              In short, BladeLogic Portal separates the authoring of content (jobs) from the execution allowing a great many more users to gain benefit from the product without having to understand the intricacies of BSA.