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    Table columns in External()

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      We are using column name(DB Name) in External() search qualification. The functionality to be implemented is


      On workorder console there is customized option called Advance Search. Selecting this option new window will open where user gives input for searching. This IP will be collected in temp field on WO Console form and set as External(temp) in the table on WO console form. The table on the WO Console form gets data from WO form.

      The IP provided by the user will be compared with column of another table present on WO form. Currently it is not giving any results. Is the approach we are using right or any other suggestions?

      Thanks in Advance.

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          approach seems fine but not working for u. What you see in Logs. Is the search string is correctly converted at runtime for searching the  records from ?


          You try hardcoing a given IP value for the test and see if its working. Once it fine then replace this with your IP variable.




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            Remember that if you reference a column, you will get the value of the CURRENT PRIMARY SELECTED ROW as the value for the field.


            So, if the table is not loaded yet, no value.

            If the table does not have a row selected, no value.

            Otherwise, you should get the value just fine.


            Now, my real question is the flow.  EXTERNAL is to run an external qualifier.  If you create a qualifier including the reference to the column name, where is this qualifier run and is it in the context of the table.  From what you describe, you seem to be building a qualifier on one page and passing it to another where it is run.  At that point, you do not have the column.


            Are you including the field NAME in the EXTERNAL or are you including the VALUE in the external qualification?

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              Rakesh Jajper

              As Doug said, EXTERNAL used to run external qualifier.

              Here is quick text how it can be use:

              EXTERNAL keyword will work like this: If you want to get data after comparing with IP Address then you should build qualification in field which will be dynamically used by EXTERNAL keyword.

              For example User enters IP in temp field X.X.X.X

              You have table qualification = EXTERNAL(Query) - Query is the field which will be having qualifcation.

              Now let say at WO form you have field "IP" which has IP value to compare with user's IP value.

              Once User enters the IP value in temp, it should build qualification like: 'IP'=$temp$ and then have an active link which will refresh table.


              Hope this will help

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                Just to add...


                You can see similar kind of scenario in- HPD:Incident Management Console  Display Only form of ITSM where


                you filter out- My Open/My Group Open Something of this Kind.


                Enable Log and do some reverse Engineering- It will give a very Good Idea of EXTERNAL().




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                  Thanks Doug,Rahul and Rakesh for your suggestions. I was trying to refer the column which was included in second form which wont work. What I have done is I have concatinated all the rows of a column and stored in a field. On that field I am running External%field% search.