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    Can I verify compliance of a server to a snapshot of itself (not Audit)

    Chad Johnson

      I would like to perform a compliance check against a group of servers.  In this compliance check I would like to compare the current state of the server to the most recent snapshot of itself.  This would help us quickly confirm if the server is still configured as it was at a point in time.  We cannot use standard compliance rules as each server may be different.  An example is a snapshot which grabs all mounted file systems (via an extended object).  The file systems mounted would vary by server.  I would like to snapshot this EO on all servers then compare each server to its own snapshot.


      The idea here is to use compliance and not audit, so I get an immediate pass/fail status.  Unfortunately audit always returns green if the audit job ran successfully, it doesn't really do 'compliance' checking, merely difference checking.  If an audit job can be set to show a failed (red) status if differences are present this would also suffice but i have not found this to be possible.


      I have tried using compliance rules but even if I select the EO from an audit, the left hand side of the compliance rule does not use the snapshot configuration, it uses the live config from the target server.  Also, when looping through the EO results I would need to use the LHS identifier to compare to the same thing in the RHS (which would be the live content of the server).


      Is this possible?

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