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    Default properties for Job class incorrect?

    richard mcleod

      Noticed something weird yesterday while looking through the property dictionary...


      In the top level Job class, the property 'DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED' was set to 'True', I created two smart groups (debug_enabled, debug_disabled) using said property and the associative values (True/False). Much to my surprise(& relief) 90% of the jobs had the 'DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED' property set to 'False'.


      The few jobs that has 'DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED' = 'True' were manually set that way.


      What's a bit more confusing is that from the top level job class (as BLAdmins role) the ability to change this default is not available.



      What do I believe? The class or the job?


      How can I update the default value?