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    NSH Here configuration on a Citrix based environment

    Carlos da Cunha e Silva



      In our environment we have installed the Bladelogic Console on a Citrix Farm. In order to speed up the startup of the console we have placed the %APPDATA% folder on a file server. Now for some reason commands like NSH here don't work out of the box. We get an error like this.


      Failed to set trusted certificates file "\\fileserver\cx_home$\myuserid.mydomain\Silo2AppData\BladeLogic\client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM"

      ("/cygdrive/c\\fileserver\cx_home$\myuserid.mydomain\Silo2\AppData\BladeLogic\client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM") -

      Failure in SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations Error in Initializing RBAC User and Role (SSO Proxy)

      Network Shell can be used for local access.


      In order to circumvent this issue, we need to adapt the command that is executed and copy the file locally before executing the command, like this


      copy /y %%APPDATA%%\BladeLogic\client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM %%TEMP%%&& set BL_SSO_TRUSTED_CERT_KEYSTORE_FILE=%%TEMP%%\client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM&& nsh -D //%H"%p"


      I really would like to get rid of this construction and get back to the out of the box setup. Can anyone explain why it doesn't trust the keystore file if it's not stored locally ?