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    RSCD Log Meaning

      HI All



      I Just wanted to know the meaning of the log ,


      " 05/30/14 19:53:59.861 INFO rscd - aiscrmdb-sv001.ais-fr.com 4720 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): Agent version is"



      1. What is the meaning of -1 / -1 ?

      2. What is the meaning of not available ?

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          Yanick Girouard

          We'd need more of the context in order to answer... What comes before this and what command did you try to execute against the agent at that time?


          This may just be a information line created by the agent itself, where no user mapping is done, so that's why it shows this.


          ?/? = local uid/gid

          (??): (??) = remote BladeLogic role:user mapping


          For example, running a command against a Linux target using my BLAdmins role, I should see this


          0/0 (BLAdmins:yanick.girouard): ...


          Where 0/0 = root's uid/gid, and BLAdmins:yanick.girouard is my RBAC credential.

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            Bill Robinson

            It’s an internal status check message.  The not_available is because the action was not performed by a bsa user or role.  the -1/-1 are because the action was not performed as a local (mapped) user.

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              Thank you very much Yanick. Its more informative.