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    Task Management  Integration with SLM

    Pratap Dalai
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      The Service Level Management application can be integrated with BMC Remedy AR System and BMC applications to meet your specific business needs and process requirements. The information that follows describes how to use BMC SLM with BMC Remedy Incident Management, BMC Remedy Change Management, BMC Remedy Asset Management, and Requester Console or with any Custom Application.



      Below steps need to be performed to integrate the BMC Service Level management with any Custom or OOTB Application.



      Go to the the application administrator console

                   then go to the Custom Configuration

                    Then  go to the Service Level Management-console


      To know whether the data source is built properly or not..you need to check the SLM logs under DB directory..


      once it is completed it will create a join form...TMS:Task_SLA



      Once Data Source is built properly...then you need to slm4.png

      Then you need to build the target Goal types..




      Once this is done ,then you need to do built certain workflow  to show the SLM panel on the application form.






      To display BMC SLM status in custom applications

      1 Copy the fields SlmDVF, Details..., and z1D_ButtonSLMImage from the

      SLM:Service Request form and place them on your custom form. Align as needed

      and make them all visible by default.



      Create a set of Active Links that will execute appropriately for your design. Each

      Active Link should consist of the following 2 separate Actions:

        A Set Fields Action that sets SlmDVF as follows:


        A Set Fields Action that sets SlmDVF as follows:


      where x = 0 for Gray/No SVTs Attached image

      where x = 1 for Green/Within Service Target image

      where x = 2 for Yellow/Service Targets Warning image

      where x = 3 for Red/SVT Breached image



      You can also reuse the following existing BMC SLM Active Links in your custom











      Change the form name to match the form on which you want these Active Links

      to execute, and set the Run If condition to apply to your application.

      3 Copy and appropriately name the following Active Links, and set the Primary

      Form to the form on which you want them to execute: