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    Can I centralize transaction logs

    Chad Johnson

      In bladelogic server automation 8.3.01 can I centralize the transaction logs?


      When running jobs (a variety of types) against a large number of servers we may encounter a number of execution errors.  Many times the exact details of these errors are held only in the transaction logs (local to each target server).


      Is there a recommended 'best practice' to centralize these logs?  I  have considered the following and would like feedback on these ideas and / or suggestions for other methods.


      • Mount a network share in the location of the transaction log.
        • Has the drawback of requiring network presence.  Jobs which may execute in single user mode (*NIX operating systems) after a reboot do not, by default, have the network enabled.
      • Copy the log files to a central repository after job execution.
        • Seems like a workable solution but would requie every job executed to have a subsequent job run, with the job ID passed to be sure we retreived the correct log.
      • Create a job which checks the logs for keywords.
        • Quite a 'hack' in my opinion as that would require a relationship between all potential errors / failures and the checks made by the job.


      Thoughts by the crowd???