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    Can properties be used in Auto-Remediation job names?

    richard mcleod

      Running into a peculiar problem here... have some huge batch jobs that contain auto-remediation which are run against groups of 5-10 servers, the auto-remediation package creation will fail on occasion because that package was created at the same time for a different target. As a band-aid I'm hoping to leverage a property like ??TARGET.NAME?? in the auto-remediation job name.


      Anyone know if this is possible


      Here is a sample of the errors we're seeing

      ErrorJun 5, 2014 12:02:54 PMError during auto-remediation: A depot object of the same type with the name 'remediation_package_name@2014-06-05 12:02:51:529-0400' already exists in this folder.
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