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    Control-M V8 Gateway keep "Downloading"

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      Hi everybody


      Im having problem with the development enviroment in the company. When the new day came, the gateway started the new day but never ended it. The Gateway component keep doing this:


      1- It shows the "Downloading" Message for a couple of minutes

      2- After it then shows the "Hanging" message

      3- After that, then it goes down and later its shows "Disconnected"


      I have restarted the server, stop/start the services but the problem is still there. This are the aspect of the enviroment:


      - Al the components(Server, GW,etc...) are in the same server(Virtual server using Vmware)

      - SO: Windows Server 2008 EE

      - Control-M V8


      I have attached a log of the GW for analysis. Please i need some help with this situation.



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          Hi Elvin,


          Form attached log what I understand that server is sending proper response to EM,but EM is not able to Sync with control-m server. 


          Can you First restart Control-M EM services then control-m server services.




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            As per my knowledge Control-M/EM not responding properly .

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              You can activate debug mode for gateway and check logs so that you can get more information regarding the issue. To changes the debug level goto configuration manager, right click on gateway and select Control Shell, then click on Usage. You can see different parameters (refer CTM doc for more information).


              Also please make sure that you have shared EM logs. (Log seems to taken from Control-M server)



              Sanish S

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                I still have the issue and now its deeper because the application has 1 week with the same problem. I have attached logs from the


                EM. Looking into the GTW logs its seems to me that there is some kind of problem when CTM try to insert information in some table(tables that belongs to the archive nets):


                [23@14:01:14.442:] ===> INFO:      Previous log was "log/


                gtw_log.CONTROLM-PRE.20140823.11" time >14:01:14.442:<
                [23@14:01:14.442:] ===> INFO:      Opening new log "log/gtw_log.CONTROLM-PRE.20140823.12" time >14:01:14.442:<
                [23@14:01:14.442:] ===> INFO:      Control-M ver: 800 (MPM)
                [23@14:01:14.442:] ===> INFO:      database type: MSSQL.
                [23@14:01:14.442:] ===> INFO:      start download procedure.
                [23@14:01:14.505:] ===> INFO:      old incomplete net >140823001_L<, dropped
                [23@14:01:14.510:] ===> INFO:      current incomplete net >140823001_L<, dropped
                [23@14:01:14.510:] ===> INFO:      dwl_mgr::drop_old: launch drop net thread
                [23@14:01:14.510:] ===> INFO:      central_mf_side: wait for drop old net to be completed.
                [23@14:01:15.245:] ===> ERROR:      db_update_down_hist: update failed for net 140823001_L
                [tid: 5008][14:01:14.511:]start drop net thread.
                [tid: 5008][14:01:15.245:]end drop net thread.

                [23@14:01:16.512:] ===> INFO:      wait for


                BG task...[23@14:01:16.512:] :                done
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  ***DATABASE ERROR***.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  errorCode: 5.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  message: SQL call failed..
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  vendorMessage1: 42S02.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  vendorMessage2: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'A140823001_LEVT'..
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  vendorError1: 208.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  vendorError2: -1.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
                [tid: 6384][14:01:16.513:][23@14:01:16.513:] ===> DAL ERROR:  [CON:1;Rel:232] ERROR SQL> INSERT INTO A140823001_LEVT VALUES ( 5, {ts '2014-08-23 14:01:16.000'},
                'X', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL ).



                Any idea about this?


                i have contacted the BMC support and they say this that there is a poor DDBB performance( maybe caused by disk I/O poor performance).




                Elvin I.

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                  vikas jha

                  Hi Elvin if its performance issue of the database then please change the below options to make Control-M new day process lighter


                  1. Set stastics cleanup in new day to No. You may delete statics data whenever you want by using ctmruninf -purge command

                  2. Disable agent cleanup in a new day and create a job to run ctmagcln -agent "*"  command to run at non peak hours.

                  3. enable new day asynchronous exection etc.


                  You need to find out other ways to make new day process faster.

                  By checking at your logs i also suspect that there is some issue with database. Still wondering why BMC Said its just a DB performance


                  Improving new day performance.png