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    RSCD Agent Issue

      Hi All


      Am new to the BSA toll am struck with the Agent issue.

      We are unable to telnet the agent with the port 4750.tried below steps to reach the agent , Agent status in the Server shows "Agent is not available"

      Step 1 : Restarting the agent in the targer servere

      Step 2 : Telneting the server with the respective  port detail


      Please help me in resolving the issue.

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          Davorin Stevanovic

          could you please send us:


          rscd.log from RSCD_Install_dir

          output of the following command: netstat -an | find "4750" (if on windows) or netstat -an | grep 4750 (if on linux)

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            rscd.log :


            05/30/14 19:53:59.861 INFO rscd - aiscrmdb-sv001.ais-fr.com 4720 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): FIPS Enabled
            05/30/14 19:53:59.861 INFO rscd - aiscrmdb-sv001.ais-fr.com 4720 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): Agent version is
            05/30/14 19:53:59.861 INFO rscd - aiscrmdb-sv001.ais-fr.com 4720 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): Platform Details: x86_64;aiscrmdb-sv001.ais-fr.com;2.6.18-371.;Linux;#1 SMP Thu Apr 24 13:43:12 PDT 2014;x86_64


            Output of the command :


            [root@aiscrmdb-sv001 ~]# netstat -an | grep 4750
            tcp 0 0* LISTEN
            [root@aiscrmdb-sv001 ~]#

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              Davorin Stevanovic

              This looks like its correctly running, could you please run from NSH: agentinfo <your targer server> and see if you will receive output. Also try running USP job (Update Server Propery job) against this server and let me know if the agent still shows as not available.

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                After running the NSH am getting the below result ;

                STSOT005% agentinfo


                  Agent Release   :

                  Hostname        : PPPRALZNIM1003

                  Operating System: AIX 6.1

                  User Permissions: -2/-2 (nobody/nobody

                  Security        : Protocol=5, Encrypti

                  Host ID         : A68C9A1

                  # of Processors : 4

                  License Status  : Licensed for NSH/CM



                After running the USP still am getting the Agent_Status = Agent is not responding

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                  Santhosh Kurimilla

                  Please check secure, exports, users.local and users file for user mapping.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    did you run the 'agentinfo' from your appserver or client?


                    if not the appserver, then can you verify the appserver can communicate to 4750 on the target?  if it can't, that would seem to be a network issue.


                    then you would want to check the users.local file and ensure the bladelogic user you have logged into the gui is mapped to a local administrator.


                    the 'agent is not available' property value is updated when a 'update server property' job runs or if you right-click and do a 'verify' on the target.  so it's possible to communicate w/ the target even if the property is set to 'not available'.

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                      Santhosh ,


                      As am new to this tool , From where i need to take those log files (either from the client side or from our side)


                      how can we evaluate it ?

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                        Barry McQuillan

                        On the Target server AIX the users, users.local and exports files can be found in /usr/lib/rsc.

                        Unless you used the -local switch to install in which case they will be under <INSTALL_DIR>/NSH/conf.


                        The logs should be on the target server.

                        You could also look in the appserver log for the corresponding entries.


                        On the Target server:

                        # ps -ef | grep rscd

                        you should see the rscd processes running.


                        From appserver telnet to target server on port 4750.

                        On the appserver run:

                        # nsh

                        # agentinfo <target server>


                        If you cannot connect using telnet, does a traceroute work?


                        If neither telnet nor traceroute work then I'd look for either a firewall dropping the packets or else a routing issue.

                        Are there any local firewalls install on the target server?

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                          Hi Bill ,


                          I ran the Command in the our Appserver not from the client.

                          I tried telnetting stil no result . its not connecting itself. getting the timeout error.

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                            Untitled.pngHi  McQuillan ,


                            Please find above observation found by client

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                              Rajeev Gupta

                              Please update your users.local as


                              BLAdmins:BLAdmin rw,map=root

                              And Exports as

                              * rw, user=root

                              Restart the Agent.

                              Also, add the host entries for the Managerd server in the App server if the server is not able to resolve the name.

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                                Rajeev Gupta

                                Also check the routing settings if the proper route entries are made in the server.

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                                  Hi Rajeev ,


                                  How can i check the Routing setting ?

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                                    HI Rajeev ,


                                    Where can i get the user.local file ?

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