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    Misleading error creating virtual guest

    Raja Mohan

      I was attempting to create a virtual guest using VGJ passing an xml file as input through an NSH job resulted in failure with the following errors.


      Error returned from plug-in ; Plug-in: /DAALDaemonAdapter ; Plug-in function: blAsset_PutAll ; Plug-in asset: BMC_VMware_VirtualMachine:smolabvsvr01:/Virtual Machines/Bsatest2_RHEL6 ; Plug-in error code: 800 ; Plug-in error message: exception in targeted MOR fetch ; Plug-in detail message: Exception occurred in plugin: com.bladelogic.om.infra.daal.jco.CustomObjectException: exception in targeted MOR fetch


      followed by

      Error May 28, 2014 8:26:08 AM 2014_05_28 08:26:08:0880    COserver -  - unable to fetch the property : ClusterComputeResource : parent : null

        1 /Virtual Machines/Bsatest2_RHEL6


      we figured out to get the job run successfully after changing the

      <VirtualGuestDestination>2007900 VMwareCluster domain-c7 </VirtualGuestDestination>


      to read as (Two lines)


      <VirtualGuestDestination>2007900 VMwareCluster domain-c7



      Looks like the XML parser doesn't interpret the data correct. Anyone else run in to issues like this? I have opened a support ticket for reviewing the XML parser.