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    How to do a foreach inside foreach with Compliance Rule



      I would like to do a foreach that loops through a list and checks if each value is one of the other list. But the two lists are read and parse with extended objects so the values and the number of the values aren't static.


      I have seen that it can't be made a loop inside other loop with the compliance rules. ¿Can anyone help me if there is another way to check this with compliance rule or do a loop inside other?


      I've found a way to do that, replacing "\n" with ",". Now, all the values are in one line instead of each value in each line and I can check this with the option "is substring of". But I have the problem that if the list is very long it is possible that the parse failed. ¿Anyone knows which is the maximum size of the line?


      Below it can be seen an example of all values in one line.