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    nsh script property substitution

    Anthony Bove

      How do you configure property value substitution for NSH script parameter values in Blade 7.6?  I only see the option for using server properties from the drop-down menu.  If I click on the 'browse' button, it allows me to select a property instance from the property dictionary, but not a specific property from that instance.  I thought there was a way to do this, but I've since forgotten how to.  I tried 'tacking' the actual property on to the end of the property string that gets inserted in there when you select a property instance but that didn't work.


      Regards, Tony

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          Bill Robinson

          Iirc in 7.6 when you put in a psi or I think even the property it passes in the reference to the property, not the actual value, so you need to use blcli in the script to get the value.  if that’s true, then for the psi (which is in a nshscriptjob class I think) you’d need to know the property name you want and then you’d need to manually handle that in your script and pull the value of that property for the psi.

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