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    BSA 8.5.01 Release Date

    Curtis Martin

      We encountered a number of significant issues while upgrading from BSA 8.3.02 to 8.5.00 in our lab and have decided not to upgrade production until the next release.


      1.  When will BSA 8.5 be removed from limited availability?

      2.  When is the next version of 8.5 (i.e. 8.5.01) scheduled for release?


      I'm trying to decide if we should upgrade to 8.3.03 or wait for the next release of 8.5.

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          Bill Robinson

          What issues did you run into ?  are there issues specific to the migration and did you have support tickets for them ?


          8.5 should be ga by the end of the month.  8.5.01 is targeted to late june.

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            Curtis Martin

            With your help and others, I was able to work through most of the issues.


            Linux patching script errors

            ETL from OM job failure

            SSO Error: cannot find proxy


            The one that I haven’t pursued yet is performance in BDSSA.  I cannot reliable generate reports.  The report pages time out randomly.


            Rather than implement the workarounds and further troubleshoot BDSSA we decided to wait for the next release.  I’ll be on vacation in June and July.  Hopefully it will be available when I return.

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              Bill Robinson

              ok, that of course assumes we’ve identified the problems you are having and if they are product issues have fixed them.  were there specific support cases opened for these issues ?  if no one reports an issue it’s difficult to fix.

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                Curtis Martin

                I worked through them here on the communities.


                BDSSA 8.5 Upgrade - ETL from OM Error

                --Suresh Mendu - We are going to address this ETL defect in BDSSA 8.5SP1.


                BSA 8.5 Upgrade -  SSO Error: Cannot find proxy service URL

                --Bill Robinson - This seems to be a defect that we are investigating so there will likely be a patch for this produced once we have a resolution.


                Linux patching script errors

                --Originally reported with a support case for BSA 8.3.  New errors in 8.5 not reported.  Successfully copied working script from 8.3 to 8.5 test environment.


                I’ll research and report the BDSSA issues to ensure they are addressed.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  The nsh proxy one was fixed in 8.5.00 patch2.


                  For the Linux patching script one, what was the issue there ?  what script was copied from 8.3 ?

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                    Curtis Martin

                    I've attached the script you modified for us on 5/20/2013 (ISS04080421).  It's what we use in 8.3.02 and what seems to work in 8.5.00.