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    Custom Property Classes

    Steve Cupp

      We're converting a set of Altiris jobs that install XenApp 6.5 into BSA packages/jobs. We have 4 different Citrix Farms that serve up various published applications. Each farm has a set of  variables that hold info like SQL ID, SQL Password, Farm Name, etc. In Altiris we used Windows environment variables to hold these values, and then would reference these values for different purposes through out the Altiris jobs.


      In BSA it seems to me that these values could be held in properties, either in local properties in say a BL package or as properties within a custom property class and then have instances for each of our farms.


      I suppose if we used the BL package local properties approach, we could use the deploy job to redefine each of the property values in the package to the values needed for each farm. So 1 package, 4 deploy jobs


      If we used the custom property class approach, seems that there should be a way to have 1 package and 1 deploy job and then somehow designate which property class instance would be used  for a particular run of the job. Although I don't think I understand just how we would make that designation.


      I'm wondering if there are any compelling reasons for favoring one approach over the other?


      All input is welcomed and appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          Create the custom classes and instances.

          create a local property in the blpackage that points to the custom class (property of type ‘the custom class’)

          in the blpacakge reference the values like ??POINTER_PROPERTY.PROPERTY_IN_CUSTOM_CLASS??

          set the instance you need in the job.