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    Discovery Filters vs Smart Group Targets

    richard mcleod

      Are the filters you can enter during component template creation under the Discovery tab possibly duplicating the filters that you would create for a smart group for use as targets for the discovery job?


      Simple example:

      Create a Server smart group where OS = Linux & Agent Status = Alive

      Create a component template, in the (discovery tab), create a filter for Target.OS = Linux & Target.Agent Status = Alive

      Run a discovery job that targets the Server smart group that was created, would the discovery job then carry out the component template filter tests before proceeding with the discovery operation? Does this create duplicate work for the appserver? If the smart group already hashed out those tests is even worth using the component template filters if the job is already being passed a list? (unless the smart group needs more advanced filtering) Is there a best practice here?


      Just curious if this change from component template target filter to targeting a smart group using the same filter would aid in performance

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          Bill Robinson

          yes and no.  the discovery conditions will determine if the template applies to the target, if it applies at one time, then the target fails the check during a later discovery, the component is marked as invalid.  if you are using a smart group as the target of the job you are possibly flying blind here as you can't check stuff like "fix exists" in a smart group query.


          imo you should always use the discovery conditions - maybe you give someone read and then make another discovery job and point at random servers.  if there are no discovery conditions they will get components on servers that probably shouldn't have them.

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            richard mcleod

            Thanks for the explanation Bill- so is it worth using a combination of both smart groups and discovery filters when targeting or just target all servers and let the discovery filters do the sorting?

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              Bill Robinson

              It depends what you are doing.  if you don’t really know what is out there and you are really ‘discovering’ then you target ‘all servers’ and let the discovery conditions do their work.  if you know of know, like this template only applies to the windows boxes or rhel 5 boxes, I would still put the discovery conditions in the template, but then you could just run the job against a smart group of just the rhel 5 or whatever targets.  depending on the check that may take less time that targeting all your systems.