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    Problems updating MS Windows Catalog

      Hi there,


      For any reason I can understand I am not able to update a MS Windows Catalog I have just created. I receive every time i try to update it the following error:



      Error20-may-2014 12:53:31Error occur: Level: FAILURE


      Message: hfnetExecuteCommandFile.bat (Permission denied)

      Exception :java.io.FileNotFoundException: hfnetExecuteCommandFile.bat (Permission denied)


      I also attach the whole update execution's log.


      I am trying to find if this could have something to do with the permissions Catalog has... but I think it is not the case. I have created this Catalog with a user with BLAdmins role, and here you have some screenshots with the permissions it has.


      Metadata information_

      Screenshot_01.pngPermissions details:




      Any idea? My best regards.