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    PXE boot behavior of existing servers

    Steve Cupp

      In our BSA PXE server environment, we have auto-discovery turned on, it works great for provisioning new Windows servers into our BSA environment. We are migrating from an Altiris PXE boot environment to BSA. We are seeing a certain behavior with previously existing Windows servers that I'm not sure I understand, so I'm hoping for some insight.


      1. If a previously existing physical server (not built by BSA), with the Network Boot option preceding the disk controller in the boot order, the server PXE boots to the BSA PXE server and runs WinPE and then sits and waits for more instructions. A device is created with the MAC address of that server in BSA.


      2. If the server is rebooted and goes through the same PXE boot process, it will once again run WinPE and sit and wait, I was not expecting this because the device does not have any work to do from BSA.


      3. So our problem is, as we migrate a particular vLAN's IP Helper address to the BSA PXE server, any existing physical servers, with the boot order set as described above, will go into the sit and wait condition upon reboot. If the Network Boot option is set to after the disk controller in the boot order, this is not an issue.


      Would disabling auto-discovery prevent these existing servers from behaving this way? Not a good solution.

      Is the best option to change the Boot order so that the disk is always before the Network boot?

      Please let me know your thoughts. . .

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          Bill Robinson

          You can either disable auto-discovery and pre-register the macs you want to build, or get the macs of your live servers, register them in bsa and set them to ‘provisioned’ so that when they pxe boot into bsa, they will be instructed to localboot.

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            Steve Cupp

            I've tried using the "Import" function and was able to import the device into BSA. But even though I specified the value for the PM_STATE* property to "Provisioned" in the .csv file (see below). The PM_STATE* property value was set to "Pre-discovered" when I checked the device object. I'm assuming that PM_STATE* is the property you were referring to when you suggested setting the device to provisioned. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?




            Steve Cupp

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              Newton Nyante

              PM_STATE is a built-in property which users can not directly modify.  After the mac address has been imported via the UI you could bulk select and use "set as provisioned"  Or you is a blcli command to do the same action.