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    Kick start document

    Srinivas Merugu
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      Hi LJ,


      Just now registered on your site but wondering how this tool looks and what do I need to test this. It would be great if you share any kick start document. You can use the same one or make modifications in the same doc when you announce this tool in public



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          LJ LongWing

          hey Srini, I just approved your account.


          I don't quite have a quick start doc yet...still in early development of this.


          You now have access to the download.  The other two that I have doing Alpha testing have a way to personally contact me....typically through Google Hangout.  Do you use Google hangout?  I'm lj.longwing@gmail.com if you wanted to connect that way.


          Where abouts in the world are you located...that'll determine how exactly we move forward with getting this app working for you

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            Srinivas Merugu

            I never used google hangout but if you need my gmail Id, here it is smerugu28@gmail.com. I am located in India .


            How many servers do I need for this?

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              LJ LongWing

              Hangouts is a way to either video chat, or a way to 'Chat' via IM.  All you need to do is go into your google mail and enable it (it's been so long since I signed up for it, I forget the details)...but you should be able to figure it out relatively easily.  that'll be the easiest way for us to work together 'real time' to get it working for you.


              To answer the question of how many servers you need....you need a minimum of 1...but that makes things a bit 'weird', because you are staging from one server, and then deploying back to the same server....so a functional test requires no less than 2...one of them can act as both the migration server as well as the 'source' server, and the other as the destination server.  Ideally, if you have 3 servers available, it would be best, but not necessary

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                Srinivas Merugu