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    Operational Rule to Add Registry Key with Binary Value

    Eduardo Chapa
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      Hi everyone.


      I want to create an OR that adds a Registry Key with a Binary Value, but for some reason the key in the OR is not the same as the key in the target's registry.


      According to the tooltips when a binary value is selected you are supposed to enter the values without the spaces, but it is not working for me, as I'm showing in the following screenshots:



      This is the value that gets entered in the target system which does not match the value I entered in the OR:



      And this is what the correct key value should be, when set manually using the Services tool in windows:

      Screenshot 2014-05-16 14.53.49.png


      In this case, I'm trying to set the BMC Agent service's Recovery options, so that it restarts on the first two failures and does nothing on the third, and then I'm planning to push this OR to all my client devices.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.