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    Portal's / Dashboards / Assement Tools

    Steffen Kreis



      there seem to be a lot of recent activities on Portal's, Dashboard's, Assement Tools.


      TBH I am a bit confused and lost the overview.


      1.) There is this Doc linking an "Assessment Tool": Assessment Tool for BSA version 1.02 [Deprecated, Use Health & Value Dashboards 1.4.00]

      2.) Then Akbar Aziz shows an "Compliance and Risk Assement Kit" in his Time for spring cleaning and starting new post

      3.) Then of course there are several posts referring to the "BladeLogic Dashboard" BladeLogic Dashboard https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/3556


      And then of course there is the new BladeLogic Portal as part of BSA 8.5


      So what's out there at the moment ? Is the "Assement Tool" and the "Health and Value Dashboard" the same ?


      And in general, what is the strategy behind all these additional portal's , pages, whatever ?