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    IBRSD plugin files after installing bppm cmdb extensions

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      HI All ,


      I was checking the AR server after installing the CMDB extensions(cmdb and ibrsd) on the same and could find the below files


      Plugin: "E:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_policy.dll"

      Plugin: "E:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_incidentinfo_filterplugin.dll"

      Plugin: "E:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_instance.dll"


      Plugin: "<AR_HOME>\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_policy.dll"
      Plugin: "<AR_HOME>\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_incidentinfo_filterplugin.dll"
      Plugin: "<AR_HOME>\Arserver\plugins\IBRSD\ibrsd_instance.dll"

      If you have the BPPM version 9.5 and Remedy version 8.1 , please let me know that are these files present  at the above location in your setup or is there any other file in replacement to these ?

      Are these files now also required for integration b/w bppm and remedy service desk

      Waiting for your reply ,