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    How to configure RSCD agents for two users in a Unix machine

      Hi Friends,


      I have my RSCD agents installed on a unix machine, i need to copy files to two different directories say  Directory A and Directory B


      Directory A has  ownership as   "web:web"


      Directory B has  ownership as   "weblogic:weblogic"


      how can i configure my  exports or users or users.local file to achieve this. ??


      Currently i have the below config in my users file:


      # RBACAdmins ACLs

      RBACAdmins:RBACAdmin            rw,map=root

      # BLAdmins ACLs

      BLAdmins:BLAdmin                rw,map=web

      # NSH-only ACLs

      RBACAdmin                       rw,map=root

      BLAdmin                         rw,nosuid,map=web



      Thanks in advance