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    Modify VGP

      Is there any way to modify the default disk inheritaed from VM Template to VGP?

      I see that modify button is grayed out for such disk and only available to disks added manually to after VGP creation.

      We are looking at option to deploy single disk VM with size bigger than waht is in template.

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          Davorin Stevanovic

          Hi Tatyaso,


          We can't modify the disk in the template but you should be able to run post bldeploy job in order to do this operation after the VGJ complete.




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            Newton Nyante

            This is grayed out a I don' believe VMWare supports extending the size of a disk during the clone operation, thus this option is not presented.


            Alternate options could be to have another Template with the desired alternate size(s).  Or create a new VM with the desired disk sizes with no OS and later provision the operation system and applications to the VM.