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    list of tickets are similar even though clicked on next page to view different records

    Nilesh Sawant
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      Need some help on this.


      1. 1. User tries to search the INC ticket for the specific customers on the customize form called "customer cases"
      2. 2. It opens form and display list of INCs, however when he right click and click on "Next" to go to new page, it shows the new page but old records from previous page
      3. 3. User is using the Vendor form as SHR:ARDB Overview console, to achieve this functionality PFA doc

      4     If user uses for e.g CTM:People form by displaying the list of available  users on the Table and then click on Next , it shows list of new user  on every page.

      5.   While troubleshooting checked by reducing the chunk size, but no success.



      Environment Info :


      OS vendor/version : Oracle Solaris 10




      Database vendor/version : ORACLE 11g


      Version/patch levels of BMC product(s) : ARS 8.1 P2, CMDB 8.1 P1 and ITSM 7.5


      Vendor/version of related 3rd party software. :


      Problem occurring in what type of environment? (Test, QA, Production, etc) : PROD,QA and DEV


      Any Ideas