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    grammer file for syslog-ng ?

    Monoj Padhy



      can anyone let me know what would be the suitable grammer file to create the configuration file for syslog-ng.conf ?


      I have tried couple of grammer file (syslog.gm / generic.gm /line.gm) but none of them worked out for me.


      I have baseline configuration of syslog-ng and  need to check if all the below entries exist in the target box.

      Baseline syslog-ng:

      options {


      source s_local {


      file("/proc/kmsg" program_override("kernel"));



      destination d_messages { file("/var/log/messages"); };

      destination d_logserver { tcp("vkmin-hdskg"); };


      log {









      The challenge I am currently facing is there are 2 entries where the line begins with "destination". I am not sure how compliance rule is going to check if both the entries exist in the target box.

      I would appreciate if anyone have written compliance rule with such scenario. Kindly provide your valuable suggestion.





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