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    SRD Mapping responses AND questions

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      Hey all,


      I have searched and search these forums for a solution to what I am looking to do. First all, I am not opposed to any configuration or customization suggestions.


      We are are large corporation, and we have a ton of applications, and are starting to build some complex SRDs. Now, my issue is, I want to map the Questions AND the Answers to an incident, and ONLY the useful information. In my current mapping, I have added text such as "IP Address of your Workstation" which is concatenated to the response of the question "What is the IP Address of your Workstation?" and this is then placed into the Notes field as follows:

      IP Address of your Workstation:


      This is great, HOWEVER, lets say the user does not answer that question, or, depending on the "Path" the user takes on the SRD, they may not be asked that question. The issue is, when they submit the Request, that text will still show up in the Notes field, because is it in the mapping, like;

      IP Address of your Workstation: <no response here, so I don't want this label showing>


      So, to sum up, I want labels in the Notes field of the Incident, followed by user responses, but, ONLY for questions that have responses.


      Below is a suggestion I've seen, but,...something isn't clicking with me.



      Sorted - No more advanced question mapping!

      Edited the SRS:SRC:HTML_ResponseToQuestion to also throw an output to a 'NotesBuilder' field.

      I then had the SaveServiceRequest ALs call the "questions-summary" DVFEventType in the background to build my notes, using the existing workflow, before it creates the new SR.

      Lastly, added a push of my 'NotesBuilder' field to the SR 'Details' field.

      Means I can edit questions and conditions and the notes are created perfectly everytime :-)



      I appreciate any assistance.



      ITSM 8.1 SP1

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          Laurent Matheo

          I think I understand what he did, though I didn't find those objects in 8.1, maybe name changed or something after 7.6.04 (?).

          My idea is that he hijacked the mapping part of questions answers to do his own or something. Maybe testing there if the value wasn't empty for example so the question would never be there in the first place (?).


          You should post in his thread and ask him if he can give you more details.

          Re: SRM 7.6.04 - Questions > Notes using AL rather then Advanced Mapping




          It seems the named changed in 8.1:

          1. it's an active link guide "SRS:PID:HTML_ResponseToQuestion" that calls
            1. the active link "SRS:PID:HTML_ResponseToQuestion" (gets the question text)
              1. that calls active link guide "SRS:PID:CheckAnswerHTMLOrAnswerValue"
                1. that calls active link "SRS:PID:GetAnswerHTMLValueOrAnswerValue" (gets the answer value).

          I guess there you could add a test and only do the replace if the in "SRS:PID:HTML_ResponseToQuestion" that would only map the question if the answer isn't empty (the check is done in "SRS:PID:GetAnswerHTMLValueOrAnswerValue").


          Though maybe it won't be enough, I didn't test and log everything here...

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            Carl Wilson


            as Laurent has mentioned, this user has intercepted the workflow that builds the displayed questions/answers on the submitted SR (Additional Details > Question Responses) and pushed this information to a custom field and then to the SR.  This can then be pushed to the fulfillment request.

            However, this is a customisation to the system.






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              Thank you for finding where this is located in 8.1. I really appreciate it.

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                Yeah,...I have no problem doing customizations. I just need to make sure I know the process, so I can implement it correctly. I'm thinking that I need to create a new SR field, then, on "SRS:PID:HTML_ResponseToQuestion" set an action to push the questions to that field

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                  Jason Miller

                  We have a similar request open. Some of my customer do not like seeing a question without an answer in the Notes.  My take on it is the question without an answer is documentation that the user did not answer the question (but I will like likely lose this battle).

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                    I have discovered that if I create a Question under a Condition with my desired text in the Default Response field, set it as Required and Hidden. This way when the condition is met the requester is presented with the inputs and the Variable Mapping can call the Hidden Default Response followed by the response. I also use the Displayed Value and Stored Value creatively to produce the desired out. You can push the Stored Value to one of the SRD Type Fields, specifying the Internally Represented Response, then call that same SRD Type Field when building your Detailed Description mapping. This way if a Radio, Check box or Menu item is defined and selected you can use the Stored Value as the response title and the Displayed value as the response.

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                      Well, decided to get help from the vendor, Column. They were able to go above and beyond what we were looking for. Development time greatly reduced! Thank you all for your suggestions and advice.

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                        Dioso De Chavez

                        Hi Josh,

                        Are you able to share the "work"?

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                          Sanjeeva NAIDU GURRAM

                          Hi Josh,


                          If it is a AIF we can achieve in the Below


                          Write a filter on Submit


                          when the filed != $NULL$


                          then write Push field action


                          SRD:MultipleQuestionResponse form


                          Answer HTML Display  = Field value

                          Answer Internal = Field value

                          Question_Hidden = No

                          Menu Label  = Field value

                          Commit Status = Yes

                          QuestionOrder = 1

                          Answer In Char = Field value

                          SRInstanceID = $InstanceId$

                          AnswerFormat = text

                          Question Text  = Field label

                          Status = New


                          For each field we need to write this works only for AIF