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    How to import a server with a customer property instance

    Mary Matthews

      Hi All,


      We're beginning to import our existing servers into BSA and use a custom property to identify location-specific information via an Instance of that property.  We'd like to be able to pre-populate the information in the .CSV file we're using to import. The .CSV file would be 2 columns similar to this:







      Location is the name of the customer property and LosAngeles, NewYork and Tokyo are Instances of that property. The problem is when we try to import we get a syntax error.  We tried using Location.Los Angeles and still got the error.  I am unsure of what the syntax needs to be. Should there be a ? symbol before the Instance value?


      Can anyone point me towards a documentation/reference that would give me the syntax? I'm not having much luck searching the documentation myself.


      Thank you!