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    How to retrieve the components of a BLPACKAGE in RESTFUL ?



      I'm using BSA 8.2.


      I'm doing some tests using web services (SOAP & RESTFUL).


      I'm trying to retrieve the components of a blpackage using RESTFUL.


      Currently, I can do some stuff like:


      - list all the BLPackages:

      (using QUERY)

      curl -k -H "Accept: application/json" -X GET 'https://mySERVER:9843/query?username=myUSERNAME&password=myPASSWORD&role=myROLE&BQUERY=SELECT%20name%20FROM%20"SystemObject/Depot%20Object/BLPackage"'  | python -mjson.tool


      (same, but using 'type')


      curl -k -H "Accept: application/json" -X GET 'https://mySERVER:9843/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Depot%20Object/BLPackage/?username=myUSERNAME&password=myPASSWORD&role=myROLE'



      - list a specific BLPackage (using group):


      curl -k -H "Accept: application/json" -X GET 'https://mySERVER:9843/group/Depot/mydepotGROUP/myBLPACKAGE/?username=myUSERNAME&password=myPASSWORD&role=myROLE'


      => this display only the properties of the BLPAckage "myBLPACKAGE", but not the content of this BLPackage "myBLPACKAGE".


      How can I retrieve the content ? I've tried to add the keyword "Assets" after the Instance name (as shown page 28 of "BMC Server Automation Web Services Developer Guide" but I've got an error:

      "Error": "Resource not found. Invalid URI: 'Assets' is not a valid child type of myBLPackage...


      Thanks for your help.