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    How to build an rpm using a BLpackage?

      Hi All,


      I need to create an rpm and I want to use a BLpackage for doing so. So my steps so far are:

      • Create a temporary build directory with the correct subdirs (easy in BLpackage)
      • Create a file ".rpmmacros" (could be a config file with name space value grammar)
      • Create a specifications file (.spec file) (no grammar found that matches the structure of this file, however I need to insert local properties into this file...)
      • Run the rpmbuild commands
      • Cleanup everything.

      Now my biggest challenge is with the spec file. Has anyone ever created a grammar for an rpm .spec file? Parts of the file look like Name Colon Value, parts look like %section line-value... Open for any suggestion.


      Regards, Alex Bron